Sunday, September 5, 2010

"To sleep perchance to dream"

It's been an interesting few weeks. At work, I was recognized as Manager of the Quarter, filling me with gratitude, excitement, and a feeling of accomplishment. It is nice to be acknowledged by the people with whom I work. The announcement was made at the managers' outing at Angels stadium by way of the center field scoreboard. My name in lights was quite extraordinary!

At home the situation was very different, as meals have been sporadic and unplanned due to Doug working in Hollywood and me working extra hours. I struggled with my commitment to eating healthy, finding myself settling for what was convenient rather than healthy. This simple act, practiced several days in a row led me to cravings for sweets and an emotional implosion, then a downward spiral which ended in tears and frustration.

I have now recommitted to my plan for healthy living and already feel the difference both physically and emotionally. Rather than letting my day plan my activity, I have planned out the next week's exercise and menu. Today, I am reviewing some goal work I started in January and have been following fairly well since then. The focus for September is "living ritual". To me, this means honoring the rituals that serve me, creating ritual to honor life, and truly incorporating ritual into my daily living as spiritual practice.

Sometimes our conscious life is boosted by our dream life...

I dreamed last night that I could see a spiritual presence. This spirit was approaching me and my children (they were much younger) in disguise as a loving presence (she was wearing a t-shirt with "GAIA" printed on the front). Gaia is the Earth goddess from the Greek Gaea. I raised my hand and stopped the spirit's forward movement with energy forced through the palm of my hand and watched as the spirit's disguise vanished, revealing its true intent to harm.

It is interesting to me how I knew of the disguise, and trusted that knowing. And upon awakening, I felt a sense of empowerment. I took extra time in yoga this morning and have been enjoying a steady flow of creative ideas. Now that was some dream!

Living well and consciously takes commitment and daily practice, and for me, remembering to use all the skills I have. The exciting thing is finding ways to share them with others!


  1. Dreams are so interesting. It's kind of crazy how our subconscious mind is capable of creating metaphors to help our conscious mind when we wake up. Sometimes the best thing you can do when faced with an emotional or conceptual problem is to fall asleep and dream.

  2. I completely agree!

    My sleep has been so broken lately that I rarely dream, or if I do, rarely remember my dream upon awakening.

    Trusting my instincts and using my acquired knowledge and skills keeps me motivated, open to change and growth, and inspires that creativity that comes out of the blue.

  3. Funny. I had a dream that you bought me a bunny from some guy, and I had to register it at the court house, and they told me I had to pay $3500, so I asked what would happen if I didn't keep it. It was $8000 to abandon the bunny. Josh drove his car into the claims office and it turned into a red couch which we shoved out of the office and had to sit on to keep strangers from thinking it was for them.

  4. Now that's an interesting dream!

    Note to self: Do not, I repeat, do NOT give Melanie a bunny!